WordPress: Set an expiry date on a post

From time to time, you may want to have a post expire at a preset date. Maybe you’re running a campaign, maybe you’ve got a survey going, or maybe you simply know that a specific post will stop to be relevant at a specific date. Whatever the reason, you want it to disappear, at a preset date. But how?

When I ran into this issue some time back, I came across the Post Expirator plugin, which is designed to do just that; expire a post. Once installed and enabled, it will pop up in the sidebar of your post editor, and give you a number of options:

Post Expirator

Not only can you set the post to expire pretty much exactly when you want, but you can also choose one of six different methods to make it expire. Pretty nifty, and I’ve found it works well, too.







2 responses to “WordPress: Set an expiry date on a post”

  1. Jago

    Is the best expiry date post, but doesn’t work

    1. If it doesn’t work, you’ve likely done something wrong when setting it up or enabling it for a post. I’ve used it a number of times, and it has yet to fail me.

      Try to delete the plugin, reinstall it, then try with a post.

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