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  • Manage login items in Mac OS X

    Last week, I showed you how to manage login items in Windows 8 and 10, and the week before that how to do so on Windows 7 and previous versions. This can be useful knowledge for Mac OS X, too. Here’s how:

  • Managing login items on Windows 8 and 10

    Last week, I showed you how to manage login items – i.e. programs automatically loaded on login – in Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows. From Windows 8 onwards, this has become far simpler. Here’s how you do it:

  • Manage login items in Windows 7

    It’s always a good idea to keep track of login items – i.e. what applications are being automatically opened when you log in. In Windows 7 (and, if memory serves, on previous versions of Microsoft Windows), this is done through the MS Config tool. Here’s how:

  • MacOS: Unable to remove application

    I’ve been using an iPad as a second monitor for my Macbook for some time now, and tried out a number of applications to achieve that. One of the ones that didn’t make the grade was Desktop Streamer. When I wanted to delete it, I got the following error message:

  • Mac OS X: Change what programs load on startup

    I like having my Mac start a set of programs each time I boot it, yet there are others which, under normal circumstances, would be set to load on boot that I only want to be running when I want them to be. Luckily, deciding what programs to start on boot – or not – is a […]

  • Stop iTunes from opening when connecting an iOS device

    Last week, I showed you how to disable the feature of iTunes and iPhoto opening when you connect an iOS device. The same issue occurs on Windows computers, too. Here’s how you resolve it: