Microsoft Outlook

Outlook: Calendar illegible in invites

A little while back, I had an issue with Outlook not properly displaying the calendar in meeting invitations. It looked like this (which I’m sure you’ll agree is less than helpful):


Use a password manager

Like so many other technologies, IT – Information Technology – has the potential to make a substantive difference in our lives. Sometimes it offers something entirely new, something it reinvents something that may or may not need reinventing in the first place, and sometimes it solves an issue created by IT in the first place.

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Show week numbers in iOS calendar

Many places refer to week numbers, as well as dates. This makes it a bit annoying not to be able to check what week it is on your phone. Luckily, there is now a setting to enable displaying week numbers. Here’s how you activate it:


Top five Google apps

Spending as much time online as I do, Google is an integral part of my day to day routine. This is my top five list of Google apps: