Outlook: Problems opening and organizing calendars

On a relatively regular basis, I find my days packed with appointments, reminders, and meetings. At other times, I need to organize a meeting, or talk to a colleague, and need to check their availability. For these reasons, and others, I’m an active user of digital calendars. Anything that happens during the work day is listed in some way or another in my work calendar (even if simply showing my availability or lack thereof).

Working for a large company, I add people’s calendar to my calendar in Outlook on an as-needed basis. When I do so, I also categorize them for future ease of retrieval. That way, I don’t have to search through many tens of contacts to find the five I need – instead I can simply select the group they are all in, and go from there.

I recently ran into an issue where adding calendars to my calendar view was hit or miss, and organizing them didn’t work at all. After a lot of trial and failure, I tracked the issue down to a Microsoft 365-related issue. Here’s how I resolved it:

  • Go to File > Account settings > Account settings
  • Double-click your account
  • Click More settings
  • Go to the Advanced tab
  • Under Microsoft 365 Features, disable Turn off shared calendar improvements:

Once I’d applied this change, and restarted Outlook (as Outlook will prompt you to do, as shown in the screenshot below), the issue was resolved.



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