How to: Use synonym lists to modify search results

By modifying the thesaur.xml-file, Index Manager will return hits containing synonyms to the specified search words.   Say, for example, that you want to search for fast food, and want your search results to also find more specific kinds of fast food, such as pizza, hamburgers and french fries. Included with every installation of Index… Continue reading How to: Use synonym lists to modify search results

Changing where FotoWeb desktop is downloaded from.

By default, FotoWeb directs users to download the FotoWeb Desktop installer files from FotoWares servers. If you, as an administrator, should want to control exactly what version is made available to your users, you need to make a few changes.   Before you start, make a backup of FWDTInstaller.fwx, in case things should go wrong.… Continue reading Changing where FotoWeb desktop is downloaded from.

FotoWeb Desktop for iPhone

It has been an exciting few months, seeing the development of FotoWare’s app for iPhone. Launched at the Tech Days at Palma de Mallorca, it received many excited murmurs.   The app does a few things that have been asked for. First off, you an search in your FotoWeb archives, and create alerts for these… Continue reading FotoWeb Desktop for iPhone

FotoWeb: Notify administrator when a user registers to the site

One of the products I support at FotoWare is FotoWeb. I will post articles with tips and tricks in the various FotoWare applications, in addition to my usual subjects.   In order to enable automatic notifications being sent to a site administrator when a new user registers on the site, follow these steps: