FotoWare Operations Center says “bye-bye” to IIS

One of the really nice new features in FotoWare’s fourth service release of version 7, is that the Operations Center is now run as its own service, shedding the need for IIS on the server running the FotoWare suite.
This has a few practical upshots:

  • Members of the FotoWare Administrators and Operators groups no longer need to be local administrators on the server
  • There is no longer a need to troubleshoot IIS

Note, however, that if you are going to run FotoWeb, you will still need to run it on some kind of webserver, though, starting with Service Release 4, this may be either IIS or Apache.
Caveat lector: I used to work with support at FotoWare. This blog is my own space, I am not paid to write it. I write about FotoWare and FotoWare products because I believe in them.





2 responses to “FotoWare Operations Center says “bye-bye” to IIS”

  1. Jo-Herman Haugholt

    That’s pretty cool, nothing like giving people options and there are many who strongly prefer Apache over IIS.

  2. Yeah, we’re pretty stoked about it ourselves, and it got a great response when we announced it during our tech days earlier this year.

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