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  • PowerShell: Looking up specific user properties

    Many of my customers use specific properties for various things. Most users do not have ADUC installed, and some of our customers even disallow installation of ADUC on end user computers. I recently had a user ask about looking up the contents of a specific attribute (extensionAttribute6, in case you were wondering).

  • PowerShell: Find many users using their name

    This time around, I take the basis that I created last week, add a way to catch any users that is not found, as well as a way to run it on multiple users.

  • PowerShell: Find User based on partial name

    Some time ago, I needed to look up the account names of a handful of users in Active Directory. The information I had beforehand was their names. I did not have ADUC available to me, but I did have PowerShell. This is an excellent use case for the Get-ADUser cmdlet when combined with the -Filter […]

  • PowerShell: Default properties

    Last week, when describing how to return specific properties, I mentioned that the command returns some standard properties, which is why I didn’t have to specify that it should get the Displayname for the members of the group. What properties are by default returned for the commonly used commands?

  • PowerShell: Return multiple specific properties

    The script I described a few weeks ago for finding all members of several groups is serving me very well indeed. I was recently asked to provide both the display name and the login name for each member in the group. This was readily achieved by modifying the script slightly. The rest of the script […]

  • A better way of finding users’ group memberships

    More than six years ago, I wrote a post, detailing how I could identify users’ Active Directory group memberships. While the method I detailed certainly works, it isn’t as simple as it might have been. Having recently found myself needing to perform that very same task again, I decided to revisit this topic, to show […]

  • PowerShell: Find all groups containing a specific string

    Sometimes, you need a list of all groups whose name contain a specific string, whether that is in the beginning, middle, or end of the group name. As we’ve seen previously, looking up groups in PowerShell is done with the Get-ADGroup command. Adding the -filter parameter allows us to find groups that satisfy our needs. […]

  • PowerShell: Getting properties for all user objects in a given OU

    Two weeks ago, I showed you how I got some specific properties for a specific user. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the next request from my customer was a similar dump from a specific OU. While the Identity parameter works well when you’re dealing with a specific user, it doesn’t help when you want all users.

  • Powershell: Retrieving all properties for a given user object

    I was asked to provide an overview of all available properties in an Active Directory user object for an upcoming project. As it turns out, that is very easily accomplished. Unsurprisingly, PowerShell has an applet for this. We use the Get-ADUser applet, with the parameters Identity to identify the user in question and Properties with […]

  • PowerShell: Count enabled user accounts

    A few weeks ago, I showed you how to get a list of all enabled user accounts in PowerShell. Perhaps unsurprisingly, after having presented this to my customer, it transpired that what they really wanted, was to know how many enabled user accounts existed in Active Directory.

  • PowerShell: Find all users in a specific OU

    One of my customers asked for an overview of the UPNs of all users in a specific OU. Having become fairly familiar with the Get-ADUser command, I decided to see if I couldn’t make it do this, too.