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Start a new Google Doc/Sheet/Slide deck straight from the address bar

I recently learned of a nifty little trick for users of Google’s Workspace services (i,e. Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms etc.): You can start a new document, spreadsheet, slide deck and so on from the address bar of your web browser. Simply enter the appropriate command (below) into the address bar, hit return, and watch as it unfolds:

gmail How To

Google Accounts: Responding to calendar invites on behalf of other email addresses

Here’s the scenario: You have set up your main email address to forward to your GMail address. Whenever you get calendar invites, you are unable to accept them, because they have been sent to your main email address, and not your GMail address. If that sounds familiar, I have good news: this can be fixed, and the fix is fairly straightforward. Here’s what you do:


Importing Facebook Events to Google Calendar

Do you use Google Calendar? So do I. Do you use Facebook? Me too. Ever been annoyed that you couldn’t easily import Facebook events to your Google Calendar? So did I. Turns out, it is easy. Here’s how:

Lotus Notes Software

Syncronising Lotus Notes Calendar with Google Calendar

At work, I use IBM’s Lotus Notes as my primary email and calendar client. It works well enough, but there are some issues. My main problem with it though, is that syncronising calendar data with Google Calendar is nigh on impossible, at least out of the box.
Finding this annoying, I talked to a colleague of mine, and asked him if he had any clues as to third party software that could solve my problem. The answer he came up with turned out to be the very thing I’d been looking for. The app is made by a company called CompanionLink Software, and is called Companionlink for Google.
The program is available as a 14 day free evaluation, after that it costs $29,95. Frankly, just under 30 bucks for this piece of software is pretty cheap. It is easy to use, and it just works.
CompanionLink supports the following PIMs: