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  • Errors in week numbering – Lotus 8.*

    In migrating many of our users to Lotus Notes 8, we have recently found that some of them have experienced problems with week numbering, as 2009 has 53 weeks. Week number 53 is shown as week 1. This error carries over to 2010, meaning that week 1 is shown as week 2, and so on. […]

  • Signature is not autoinserted in Notes 8.0.2

    I had a user call in recently, complaining that, even though she’d defined a signature to be added automatically. She got no error message, and had not changed anything about her setup.   Though she hadn’t changed anything, a change had been made. All the mailfiles’ design (for those who ran version 8.*) had been […]

  • Resolve "Illegal Circular USE:DocumentConversions" errors

    After upgrading a user to Notes 6.5.4, she got an error saying “Illegal Circular USE:DocumentConversions” when opening her mailfile. She reported that she’d get this problem when opening folders.   The key to solving this problem, is knowing that the user has been upgraded from Notes version 5 to Notes version 6.5.4. From one version […]

  • Doing too much with a single piece of software

    I have written about Lotus notes before. I have written about solutions to problems, and to what I like and/or dislike about it.