Why not to install Lotus Notes on a network share

As previously noted, my email client at work is Lotus Notes. For some reason, the Data folder is installed to each users’ home share on the network, and that home share is synchronised to the local drive using Offline Folders. Now, I cannot get over how bad a solution this is, for a few reasons:

  • Offline Folders is not designed to copy all kinds of files
  • Offline Folders sometimes corrupts files in copy
  • Loading Notes from a network share means loading everything into RAM

Now, running Notes 8, as I am, Notes take up roughly 250 MB RAM. Notes 8, compared to Notes 6, is much more RAM intensive, but makes up for it by working a lot better. Notes 6, when loaded from a network share, will take up about 280-300 MB RAM. When loaded from local drive, it takes up roughly 60 MB RAM.

In addition, running Notes from a network share is the cause of a multitude of problems, even when most things are working as they are supposed to. I’ve been running it locally for over a year, first Notes 6, and recently Notes 8, and I am never going back to running it from a network share.

A user came by me last week, complaining that his install was unstable. Once I’d installed it to his local drive, all of his stability problems were null and void. Fun stuff, I can tell you!

Note: Said user came by me today to tell me that this had actually cleared up all of the problems he’d been having. It is good to be right!





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