• Toolkit essentials – Software tools part two – Executables

    Like their physical counterparts, software tools are absolutely necessary for successful IT support. I usually divide them up into two categories; CD images and executables. In my last post, I covered CD images, now to the executables I bring with me:

  • Manually Removing Personal Security

    In a post a while back, I wrote about how to remove Personal Security, a rather nasty piece of spyware. I recently had a computer in that was badly infected.   I tried removing it with MBAM, but it kept on returning. Annoyed, and not wanting to do a reinstall, I found a list of […]

  • Removing Personal Security

    I’ve recently had a few users call in, telling me that they’ve been infected with Personal Security, a rogue anti-spyware program from the same family as Cyber Security. Luckily, it’s pretty easily removed. Here’s how: