Toolkit essentials – Software tools part two – Executables

Like their physical counterparts, software tools are absolutely necessary for successful IT support. I usually divide them up into two categories; CD images and executables. In my last post, I covered CD images, now to the executables I bring with me:

  • Autoruns
    • Autoruns is a nifty little app from SysInternals that lets you quickly and simply see what executables are launched at startup
  • KeyFinder
    • The Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder Does exaclty what it says; finds the registration keys for the software you’ve got installed, which is practical if you need to reinstall them
  • KillNotes
    • When Lotus Notes starts misbehaving, stopping it dead in its tracks is at times the only solution. KillNotes does just that
  • MBAM
  • Process Explorer
    • Process Explorer Is another nifty app from SysInternals, letting you do so much more than the task manager does
  • SpaceMonger
    • SpaceMonger is a little app that shows you, graphically, what files are taking up all your hard drive real estate
  • TeamViewer
    • TeamViewer is a free and simple remote control and assistance app that I’ve been using for some time, with great success

I usually carry these files with me on a memory stick, as well as having them stored at my Dropbox.





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