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  • Lotus Notes: Resolving "File truncated – file may have been damaged" errors

    The error message “File truncated – file may have been damaged” is most often seen server-side, but every once in a while it will turn up on client computers, especially where Notes is installed on a network share (not a good idea) and synchronised to the local machine through offline folders.

  • Why not to install Lotus Notes on a network share

    As previously noted, my email client at work is Lotus Notes. For some reason, the Data folder is installed to each users’ home share on the network, and that home share is synchronised to the local drive using Offline Folders. Now, I cannot get over how bad a solution this is, for a few reasons:

  • Lotus Notes: Resolving “File Already Exists” issues

    Working in a Lotus Notes environment, I have seen quite a few of the issues concerned with Lotus Notes. Running Lotus Notes with the data-folder located on a network share, combined with sync of Offline folders has a nasty tendency of creating corrupt files.