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  • Would I like to link to your spammy article? Let me think…

    Hi there! You are most likely here because I sent you a link to this post in response to an email from you which probably sounded something like this:

  • The most useful WordPress plugin ever

    Like most bloggers, I see a fair share of comment spam. This used to be a problem, as I didn’t have a good way of filtering them out, meaning I set the comment option to Approve all. After I moved from Blogger to WordPress, I was tipped off about a plugin called Akismet.   The […]

  • Reducing spam – the advantage to having a top level domain

    I post comments in many blogs, and for a while, I had a serious problem that whenever I posted my comment with my emailadress, I’d soon see a marked increase in spammail. This all really cleared up when I actually got my own top level domain, razumny.no, and here’s how:   Once the domain was […]