Would I like to link to your spammy article? Let me think…

Hi there! You are most likely here because I sent you a link to this post in response to an email from you which probably sounded something like this:

Hey! I came across your post on [subject], and love your work. I have an article on [subject] which would be a great addition to your post…

No, it would not, for a whole host of reasons. First among them is that my linking to your resource would be legitimising the spammy email you sent me. And it is spam. Do not go on from here unless you understand the definition:

Spamming is the use of messaging systems to send an unsolicited message (spam), especially advertising,

Wikipedia article on Spamming

Now let’s check the boxes:

  • Unsolicited message? Check
  • Intended to advertise your work (or that of someone else)? Check

While I did have ads on this blog until two years ago, they are no longer there. More to the point, I was paid to host those ads. You, however, are asking me to provide free advertising to your work. (As an aside here, I have had offers for payment for posts; it didn’t end well for the interested party.)

Odds are, the work you are trying to get me to link to isn’t even yours, and I know that you in all likelihood are simply a “digital marketing” worker drone busily spamming people of me (and if you’ve gotten this far, you know why by now) trying to drive clicks and SEO through inbound links.

So, following the lead of Troy Hunt (for whom I am sure this is a MUCH larger issue than it ever has been for me), here’s what I will do: Every time I receive spam like this, I’ll add an item to the list below. It will have the title of the resource you wanted me to link to, but no link. When people search for [thing], they will hopefully end up here, and not at whatever site you wanted me to link to.

What’s more, and just to help my own SEO and awareness of such spammy behaviour, I’m going to tweet a link to this page whenever I get these spammy emails.

  1. The Empowering Internet Safety Guide for Women
  2. The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Flying Drones
  3. 5 Best Internet Routers for 2020
  4. Bor det en gambler i deg? Dette er casino-ferier du kan ta i fremtiden
  5. The Best Internet Security Software In 2020
  6. Adobe Premiere Pro Review
  7. Inspiration
  8. How To Delete Your Browser History
  9. How Regular People Are Breaking Into Tech From Non-Tech Jobs
  10. How Elon Musk’s Neuralink Could Reshape Entire Economies
  11. Artificial Intelligence in Design – Tools Enhanced by AI
  12. 10 Best Free Remote Desktop Software & Tools
  13. Everything You Need To Know About The Dark Web in 2020
  14. 21 Tips for Remote Learning
  15. What is Heijunka?
  16. Why Broken Link Building Is Garbage
  17. How to sell online
  18. Cell Phone Habits and Usage Statistics

Incidentally, I think this post would be a great addition to your post, so please do link to it! kthxbye!







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