Tag: Windows 10

  • Identifying the version of a Windows client

    Back in December, I showed you how to install RSAT on a Windows client. As you will have seen, the method depends on what version of Windows the client is running, which means that correctly identifying the version running is somewhat important (although trial and error does work – eventually).

  • Managing startup applications in Windows 10

    In earlier versions of Windows, I – and I would assume many with me – used the Startup folder in the Start menu to manage startup applications. In Windows 10, however, this folder is no more, and so we must find other ways of dealing with them. There are three ways to do so, all […]

  • BitLocker hangs during encryption of drive

    There is an encryption policy in effect, limiting writing to flash drives to those drives that are encrypted with BitLocker. From time to time, a user will call in, reporting that the encryption process has stalled, and does not seem to want to continue.┬áInvariably, this occurs on drives that already contain data, and the encryption […]