Tag: YouTube

  • Finding your YouTube comments

    From time to time, I’ve found that I need to find a comment I made on a YouTube video some time ago. As luck would have it, that a feat which is relatively easily achievable. Here’s how:

  • Unmark videos as watched on YouTube

    As I’ve made pretty clear, I’m – among many other things – a YouTuber. I have two YouTube channels, and watch a fair amount of content put out by other creators, too. Whenever I come across a video that seems interesting, I add it to my Watch Later queue, so that I can view it […]

  • Linking to a specific time in the description of a YouTube video

    As you may have gathered at this point, I’m – among many other things – a YouTuber. While most of my videos are fairly simple, some of them benefit from having a table of contents (complete with clickable links) in the description. When I first came across the need to do so, I spent a […]

  • Countering a YouTube copyright claim

    When I edit videos, I keep meticulous notes on where any third party content comes from, and note it in the description of my video. Even so, I have had copyright claims made against my videos, mostly regarding the music I use. These claims can be obnoxious, though I don’t necessarily agree that there’s any […]