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  • Tech for travel

    Summer vacation time is closing on those of us in the Northern hemisphere once more. In honor of Towel day and its idea of preparedness, I thought I’d share some thoughts on what tech I bring with me when I travel.

  • What’s in your bag?

    I am lucky enough to travel as much as suits me, but not much more. However, I have developed a list of things I bring with me whenever I go travelling. There are two lists; the core list and the extended list. Here goes:

  • Blogging on the go, WordPress for iOS

    While I do most of my blogging on my computer, uploading the posts and images directly through the control panel. However, from time to time I will write a post while on the go, using my iPad or even (shudder) my iPhone to write and post the update.   Whenever I do that, my choice […]

  • Creating your own ringtones on iPhone

    One of the most annoying things to me as a user, is the fact that I’m not able to assign my music files as ringtones. The “offical” way of adding more ringtones, is by buying them from Apple, however, you can generate them yourself, using your iPhone and a computer. To do so, you need […]

  • A new iPad

    So, the latest iteration of iPad was announced last week. The new iPad, as it is named, is supposed to “have redefined yet again the category that Apple created just two years ago with the original iPad.”   Me, I’m not convinced. Let’s have a look at the facts, the improvements announced are as follows:

  • FotoWeb Desktop for iPhone

    It has been an exciting few months, seeing the development of FotoWare’s app for iPhone. Launched at the Tech Days at Palma de Mallorca, it received many excited murmurs.   The app does a few things that have been asked for. First off, you an search in your FotoWeb archives, and create alerts for these […]

  • Survival – how news media should adapt to a challenging present

    Over the last ten years, I have been an active consumer of online news media. This has cost me nothing, simply because the online news outlets I read are financed by ads. According to Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corporation, this trend must change if news media are to survive. While I think that his […]

  • Another feature I’d love to see on the iPad

    The iPad is great, and iOS is, well, neat. However, there are a few features from Android, that I would love to see on the iPad. Chief among these is widgets.   On my Android phone, I have widgets telling me how much power is left on my phone, the number of days until my […]

  • And so they did…

    A while back, I wrote a blog post entitled Give me my rotation lock switch back!, where I suggested that, instead of only giving us the option of using the (former) rotation lock switch as a mute button, that they gave us the choice, and so they did.   I did suggest that they include […]

  • Give me one bar, make it do more!

    I have said it once, and I’ll say it again; I love my iPad. It’s light-weight, instant-on and, most importantly, for the most part, it just works. However, there are a few frustrations, some of which I’ve mentioned previously, such as what they did to the rotation lock switch.   Now, most of the time […]

  • My number one wanted feature on the iPad

    As should be obvious by now, I love my iPad, and bring it with me most everywhere I go. I use it for work and play, planning and doodling in equal amounts. It has more or less supplanted my netbook as my default unit for web browsing, emailand many other things.   Along with my […]