Tech for travel

Summer vacation time is closing on those of us in the Northern hemisphere once more. In honor of Towel day and its idea of preparedness, I thought I’d share some thoughts on what tech I bring with me when I travel.

I always bring some tech with me when I travel, and depending on why I travel, and how long I will be travelling for, I sometimes bring a lot.

In the always bracket comes my iPhone and noise cancelling headphones (I currently use Bose QC 15), as well as a charger for the iPhone and spare batteries for the headphones. The iPhone fills multiple roles as communications device, entertainment center, navigation and internet access for my other devices. I will generally also bring my Kindle; reading books is a great way to spend the time when travelling, and I prefer the Kindle to a dynamically updated screen, particularly for extended reading sessions.

Next up comes my iPad. If I need to do some work, it is a perfect travel companion, and movies, TV shows and games round it out quite nicely. Lastly, if I am going for work, if I am going for five days or more, or if I need to do more than some work, I bring a laptop; currently a MacBook Air. Naturally, I always bring chargers and (as applicable) batteries for everything – that’s just good common sense.



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