Category: Mac OS X

  • OneNote keeps asking for a password to sync with OneDrive

    One of the tools I use in my studies, is OneNote. I find it does a good job of being a place to sort my study notes, and offers the benefit of search, which lets me easily find what I’m looking for. While there are certainly other tools out there that could offer much the same […]

  • Mac OS: SMSes do not show up in the Messages app

    About two months ago, I was talking to a friend about the launch of iPhone 7, when I mentioned that I found it odd that they still hadn’t made text messaging work seamlessly on a Mac for iPhone users. My friend was somewhat nonplussed, as it worked fine for him. Learning this, I decided to […]

  • macOS Sierra: Open programs from unidentified developers

    Since upgrading to macOS Sierra, the option “Allow applications downloaded from Anywhere” is unavailable. For most users, this shouldn’t be a problem, but if you, like me, run the odd third-party application, this option being missing is kind of problematic.

  • MacOS: Resolve “Where is FinderSyncAPIExtension?”

    Since a software update some time ago, my Mac has been asking me “Where is FinderSyncAPIExtension?” with irregular intervals, and always following a reboot:

  • Stop iTunes from opening when connecting an iOS device

    Last week, I showed you how to disable the feature of iTunes and iPhoto opening when you connect an iOS device. The same issue occurs on Windows computers, too. Here’s how you resolve it:

  • Manage login items in Mac OS X

    Last week, I showed you how to manage login items in Windows 8 and 10, and the week before that how to do so on Windows 7 and previous versions. This can be useful knowledge for Mac OS X, too. Here’s how:

  • Numbers: Limit number of decimal places shown

    I use two productivity suites on a regular basis; Microsoft Office, and Apple Productivity Apps (formerly known as iWork), leaning towards the latter for most things. One of the things I do, is create spreadsheets with interdependencies, so that if I change one input, the output at the other end changes, too. One annoying thing about […]

  • OS X: Spotlight crashes after entering two letters

    After upgrading to OS X El Capitan, I was troubled by Spotlight crashing after I’d entered the letters st. I could reproduce the issue at will, and found the following entries in the Console logs:

  • Citrix: Resolving “You have not chosen to trust security certificate”

    In January, I showed you how to resolve SSL error 61. As it turns out, the error also affected Macs. Here’s the error you get on a Mac:

  • Mac OS X: Change what programs load on startup

    I like having my Mac start a set of programs each time I boot it, yet there are others which, under normal circumstances, would be set to load on boot that I only want to be running when I want them to be. Luckily, deciding what programs to start on boot – or not – is a […]

  • How to print booklets from your Mac

    As a voracious reader, I have, from time to time, a need to print long-ish documents. To avoid carrying more pages than I need, I like to print the document in Booklet format, saddle stapling them. Unlike Windows, there is not option to print in booklet format in Mac OS X.