OneNote keeps asking for a password to sync with OneDrive

One of the tools I use in my studies, is OneNote. I find it does a good job of being a place to sort my study notes, and offers the benefit of search, which lets me easily find what I’m looking for. While there are certainly other tools out there that could offer much the same benefit (EverNote comes to mind), I’ve already got OneNote installed as part of the Office suite, so it made sense to use it.

I have kept running into one issue, however; if I haven’t been using OneNote for a while, it starts to fail syncing (I sync it with OneDrive in order to be able to access my notebook from multiple devices), and asks me to re-input the password to my Microsoft account. Checking online, I couldn’t find anything that was Mac-specific, though I did find people who had had similar issues on iOS devices.

In the cases of the issue happening on iOS devices, it seemed it had been resolved by installing the OneDrive app on the device. Finding this, I naturally decided to see if that was the case on my Mac, too. Lo and behold, this seems to have solved it quite nicely.







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