Category: Mac OS X

  • Overcoming the Unity bug when running Shadowrun Returns on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

    Last Thursday, Shadowrun Returns was released, to an eagerly expectant group of kickstarter backers, myself included. Imagine my disappointment when I had installed it, and it crashed during startup. As it turns out, I was not alone in this. Apparently, it is a known bug in Unity which causes the issue. Here is how to […]

  • How to: Set any picture as your profile picture on Mac OS

    For the longest time, I had been annoyed that I was unable to set a custom image as my profile image in Mac OS X. After all, it’s my machine, and it’s a fairly basic function; I should be able to simply browse to it. As it turns out, you can’t simply browse to it. […]

  • Access hidden folders on Mac OS X

    As of Mac OS X Lion, Apple made a number of changes to the visibility of various folders, most notably the /Library folder.   For a number of troubleshooting tasks, you may need to access these folders, and luckily, there is a fairly simple way of achieving this. Simply use the hotkey commbination Cmd+Shift+G, then […]

  • Downgrading to a previous version of FotoStation

    As a FotoWare Customer Support Engineer, one of the issues I see on a somewhat regular basis, is that users have installed the most recent version of FotoStation, without having a valid license for that version. Simply put, if so, they will not be able to run FotoStation. On Windows, you simply uninstall the new […]

  • Disabling Caps Lock on Mac OS X

    For me, the Caps Lock key constantly comes in the way, and I routinely disable it on all of my machines. Whenever I need to write things in all-caps, I have no problem with holding down either of the Shift-keys with my little finger, and when I don’t need it, I tend to hit it […]

  • Taking screenshots in Mac OS X

    My fiancée has been using a Mac for close to a year now, and it’s a pretty nifty machine, I’ve gotta say. However, things are fairly different to what she, and I, are used to. One thing she does fairly often, is take screenshots, which she had a bit of trouble with until we figured […]