Resolving “Insufficient System Resources Exist to Complete the API” errors

This error message has had me running around for a while now. Some of my users are part of the salesforce, running SAP Mobile Sales on Windows XP computers with Microsoft SQL Server. It’s a big and complicated setup, but it has been running stably for years now. The problem only occurred with users running recently set up computers, and only on a specific model.
Naturally, this had me thinking the problem was hardware. I even went so far as to upgrade a user from a lower spec model computer to a higher spec model. That actually solved the problem, though it wasn’t the solution. Seeing more users report the same error, I concluded that the problem was unlikely to be a problem with a specific model, as most of them had different model computers.
Using most support tech’s best friend, Google, I browsed for the error message (easier said than done, as the computers are set up with a Norwegian edition of Windows XP), and finally found the solution I was after. It was contained in an official Windows XP knowledgebase article; number 909095.
Like most enigma, once a solution has been found, the story rather fizzles out. So, luckily, too with this one. The knowledge base article referred me to a specific update, and having installed that update, the problem disappeared.





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