BGG apps for Android – a review

Note: I’ve been a BoardGameGeek user for a few years now, but only after I got my first Android phone did I really start using the features the site has to offer, as I got an app that uses its API. These tests have been performed on an HTC Desire, running Android 2.2 (Froyo).
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At the moment, there are two apps for BoardGameGeek available for Android phones. One is called BoardGameGeek, and is developed by Dennis Bond, the other is called BGG Mobile, developed by Skulupus.


BGG can be used to search the database, and log plays. There are no capabilities to sync the owned games list, wish list etc, but each game that you have selected and looked at in the app is stored locally.

BGG Mobile:

BGG Mobile boasts the same features as BoardGameGeek, with the addition of the ability to sync games owned, as well as the wishlist and trade and want list from the user’s profile. Another nice feature is the ability to sync the same data from any number of users.


While both apps work well, for my tastes, the sheer difference in features make this an easy choice to me – BGG Mobile wins this face-off with good measure.
Note: I have not tested whether BoardGameGeek is able to cache data on games played for upload when an uplink becomes available, but I know for a fact that BGG Mobile is not able to do so. Tis is a feature I’d dearly love to see, and with the addition of, at the very least, the ability to sync the logged in user’s owned and wish lists the race would be much closer.
Another feature I’d love to see is the ability to modify one’s database, adding games to different lists etc., but that isn’t a must have.



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