Assign ringtones to specific contacts on iPhone

Assigning ringtones to contacts has become basic functionality for mobile phones, and the iPhone is no exception. It’s very easy to do so, here’s how:

  • From the home screen, tap the Phone icon
  • When the Phone app opens, tap the contacts icon
  • From your contacts list, select the person who you want to assign a ringtone to
  • When the contact information appears, tap the Edit button in the top right corner
  • When the contact information is editable, you will see an item below their phone numbers that reads “Ringtone”, which is set to “default”
  • When you tap default, the list of iPhone ringtones available to you will be displayed. Select the one you want
  • When you have selected the ringtone, tap the Info icon in the top left. This will return you to the person’s contact information
  • Tap the Done icon in the top right and you will have succeeded in assigning a new ringtone to that person







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