Seven tips for more efficient Googleing

Since its start in 1998, Google has grown to become one of the largest search providers in the world. Here are seven tips to using Google more efficiently:

    1. Searching within a specific domain
      • You remember where you read something, but not the exact name of the article. To find all articles containing your search word, enter site: followed by the domain you want to search.

        E.g.: google


    1. Search for a specific filetype
      • You know what kind of file you want, and you know what it’s called. Use filetype: followed by the filetype.

        E.g.: movie filetype:avi


    1. Omit words for greater accuracy
      • If you’re getting many unrelated hits, try omitting keywords to increase te number of relevant hits

        E.g.: Paris -Hilton


    1. Defining a word
      • You want to know the definition of a word. Use define: followed by the word.

        E.g.: define: recursion


    1. Google Calculator
      • Google can be used for pretty advanced mathematical calculations. A list of commands can be found here

        E.g.: The search 1 a.u./c will yield the result
        (1 Astronomical Unit) / the speed of light = 8.31675359 minutes


    1. Currency conversion
      • Simply use money 1 in money 2

        E.g.: NIS in NOK


  1. Include synonyms in your search
    • By placing a tilde (~) before your search word, you’ll include synonyms

      E.g.: ~concept will also yield hits for the synonym idea






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