Deleting a service from the command prompt

Sometimes, as an administrator, you will need to remove a service from Windows. This can be because it is malfunctioning, and reinstalling the software it came with does not solve the issue, or because an uninstall of the software it came with does not solve the actual problem. Whatever the cause, removing a service takes a little bit of legwork before you can get to the actual removal of it.
In order to remove a service, you need to know what name Windows uses to refer to it. This can be found as follows:

  • Open the services control panel
  • Find the service you want to remove (in this example, we will use the Check Point Endpoint Security services), then open its properties:


  • The service name is in the first row of the first pane, in this case it is “TracSrvWrapper”

Now that we know the name, the next step is to actually remove the service. Here’s how, continuing with the same example:

  • Open a Command Prompt
  • In the command prompt, run the command sc delete ServiceNameHere to remove the service, like so:

Having done that, the service is gone, and you may reinstall it if you need to.



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