Travel adapter kit

Whenever I go travelling, I bring a number of devices with me. I will always bring a cellphone and my Kindle, and depending on the trip, I might also bring a bike computer, iPad and camera, to mention a few possibilities. I have made it a habit to bring as few chargers as possible, as well as as short cables as possible. This serves two purposes; the kit takes less space, and weighs less. Hence, I bring a kit containing the following pretty much wherever I go:

  • iPad charger w/ adapter for the local power plugs where I am going
  • One 1.5 meter USB extension cord, Jack-Jill
  • One stubby iPhone/iPad charger cable
  • One stubby USB Micro charger cable
  • One stubby USB Mini charger cable

So, there you have it. That’s what I pack. Use the comment field, and tell me what you pack!






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