Resolving "Packet data not available, check network services" errors

From time to time, I am called upon to troubleshoot problems with cell phones. Mostly the solution involves telling the user to get a new phone, or publish a new configuration to the phone, but every now and again, I see problems that are slightly more complicated.

The other day, a user called in, saying that she was unable to access GPRS services on her mobile phone, a Nokia e51. The error message she got told her “Packet data not available, check network services”. We started out by sending new network usage configurations to her phone. When that didn’t solve the problem, I called the telco, asking them to check whether GPRS services were activated on her subscription, which they were.

As a last-ditch effort to solve the problem, we rebooted the phone. When we’d done that, the problem was, in fact, solved.


  1. Thanks for your information; I am worrying with this same problem from past one week. After red the article I just switch off my phone and its working fine.


  2. Thanks a lot for that tip!
    My phone had the same problem. My balance went low and the service got disconnected automatically, but even after recharging, the service didn’t get initialized.
    After reading this, i simply rebooted my mobile and now it is working fine ! I guess this is some network related issue.

  3. Thanks!

    I have also faced the same issue. After I read your article I just switch off my phone and its working fine, thanks lot!



  4. Thanks so much. Finally got it working. I called customer care and stuff. After getting recharged the cell needs to be rebooted.

    1. Nica; I would contact your telco, it might be an issue on their end, otherwise, it might be your service plan or the handset.

  5. Brilliant! The packet data not available is solved once phone restart. Thank you so much.

    1. The article discusses an issue on a Nokia e51, so the solution may well be different on a Samsung handset. Try updating to newest OS version, or contact your service provider.

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