Exporting Sense scripts as clear text

As part of my studies, I have been “programming” in Sense, a version of Scratch, the graphic programming environment developed at MIT. The programs developed in Sense are stored as .sb-files. Now, the problem is that these files are only readable by the program that made them (and Sense programs are apparently not readable by Scratch). The problem this poses is that I can’t be assured of being able to read the files when, at some point in the future, I might want to.
Luckily, Sense, and presumably Scratch, too, has an export facility, allowing you to export the program you’ve made to clear text. Here’s how:

  • Open Sense
  • Open the project you want to export
  • Click the “Extras” button, then click “Copy project summary to clipboard”
  • Paste the resulting export into whatever program you want


The script shown here, is the most basic program known, a “Hello world!”-program. Here is how the output looks:

Project name:
Stage has 1 stack
pop_up_warning “Hello world!”



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