Customizing MediaWiki

Mediawiki is a very good CMS, and the one that I have chosen to use for my website, for various reasons. The most readily obvious reason is that it is simple to use and administer, and that I can add content from wherever I might be in the world.
However, I don’t want anyone to be able to register as a user, nor to be able to edit or post posts. In addition, I wanted to make a few changes. All the changes are done to one out of two files, either LocalSettings.php or MonoBook.php
First off, I changed the page title that shows up

#Setting the page title
$wgSitename = “WGWiki”;

Next, I wanted to exchange the default logo for another, that I have made myself.


#Defines logo file
$wgLogo = “/wiki/images/wgglider.jpg”;

I also wanted to change the favicon, the icon that shows up instead of the Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox-logo. 

#Defines favicon
$wgFavicon = “/wiki/images/favicon.ico”;


Unlike other wikis, I did not, in choosing MediaWiki, want to open up to access and editing for anyone other than me. 

# This snippet prevents new registrations from anonymous users
# (Sysops can still create user accounts)
$wgGroupPermissions[‘*’][‘createaccount’] = false;

I also wanted to block anonymous users by editing the articles. 

# This snippet prevents editing from anonymous users
$wgGroupPermissions[‘*’][‘edit’] = false;



I also wanted to block anonymous access to the top-side tabs, so that no option to edit, view history etc. would be visible. I achieved this by finding this snippet: 

foreach($this->data[‘content_actions’] as $key => $tab) {


to which I added this: 



so that it looked like this: 

foreach($this->data[‘content_actions’] as $key => $tab) if($this->data[‘loggedin’]==1) {


The result of all of this is we’ve gone from this… 
Wiki before changes
…to this: 
Wiki after changes
It’s all pretty simple, and it all works.






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