Deleting protected EFI disk partitions

A while back, one of my laptops kicked the bucket. The cost to repair it was too high, and I opted to get the laptop back to scavenge the parts. In particular, I wanted to get my hands on the hard drive, a solid state wonder with a capacity of 240 GB. I invested in a cabinet for it, and plugged it in. That should have been where the story ended, right?

Alas, that was not to be. Windows did not mount the drive, though it was perfectly visible in Disk Management. I was unable to delete, format or in any way configure the drive. A little googling later, I came up with the following procedure:

  1. I opened the Command Line, and ran the command DiskPart
  2. Having identified the disk in question as Disk 1, I ran the command select disk 1 to set that as the active disk
  3. I double-checked that Disk 1 was selected, by confirming that it had an asterisk on both sides of it in the list
  4. I next ran the command clean, which erases everything on the disk in question

Once that was done, I closed DiskPart, and returned to Disk Management, where the disk was automatically detected, and I was prompted to initialise it. Once that was done, all that remained, was to format the disk, and I was home free.






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