My EDC setup

EDC, short for Every Day Carry, has become a common term to many, myself included. The underlying philosophy of “what do I need to bring with me on a daily basis” is an interesting one, and one which has prompted me to think about what I bring with me on a day to day basis. While the specifics may – and do – change, in general, what I bring with me is:

  1. Wallet – currently a Secrid Miniwallet, which includes an RFID blocking cardslide.
  2. Keys – currently an Orbitkey, which is quiet and stylish
  3. Pocket tool – currently a Leatherman Skeletool with torx (T10 and T15) and Phillips-head bits
  4. Cell phone – currently an iPhone 6
  5. Pen – currently a Mont Blanc Meisterstück LeGrand Rollerball

Those are the absolute, bare bone basics, and all of them fit in my pockets or on my belt, precluding the need for a bag. When I do add a bag, a few other items are usually added to the collection:

  1. Headphones – currently Bose QC 25
  2. Knife – currently a Spyderco Tenacious
  3. Flashlight – currently a TerraLUX LightStar80
  4. Leatherman Bit Kit
  5. Roll-up with chargers, cables and spare batteries

As for what bag, I have three go-to options:

  1. 5.11 Tactical PUSH Pack – compact yet spacious, this is the lightest of the three
  2. 5.11 Tactical RUSH 12 Backpack – quite a bit larger, this offers the most options, and sits well on my back.
  3. Mitchell Leather Classic Briefcase – the most stylish of the three, and a spacious option suitable for most applications

Finally, as an aside, a comment about one of the connotations of EDC; carrying a firearm. I have never felt the need to be armed for my protection, and I count myself blessed that that is so. Furthermore, carrying a firearm in a holster on your body in public is illegal in Norway, except for when you are at the firing range. There are exceptions for people under a specific threat, but again, I am not in that situation.






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