Active Directory: Accessing the Attribute Editor

A month or so ago, I was asked to find a specific attribute (objectGUID, in case you wondered) of a group in Active Directory, for use in some third-party system. Thinking that this would be easily accomplished, I opened my Active Directory Users and Computers-window, and found the group in question. I opened the properties, but found the Attribute Editor tab sorely missing:



Checking online, I found several suggestions, including the use of third-party software (I don’t have permission to install software on our servers, nor do I have the required administrative privileges), scripts (I don’t have privileges to run scripts on the servers either), and enabling Advanced Features (which I had already done). Finally, I found a comment on, which led me on the right way. By navigating through the (admittedly fairly complex) structure, and opening the properties- page of the object from there, the tab was exposed.





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