Jacked! – a rant

So, the other day, I noticed a transaction in my bank’s web solution which I didn’t know. Then, today, I checked my bank, and found the same transaction, with details, and didn’t recognize it at all.

So, I called my bank, and it seems a site called paymentpartner.net had withdrawn money from it – more specifically just under €40. They blocked my card (after I’d been to a cash point to get money), and have started the process of reclaiming my money.

Annoyed at the transaction, very happy with my bank






3 responses to “Jacked! – a rant”

  1. Anonymous

    I am currently also being charged from paymentpartner.net
    29.95 us dollars a month and I have no idea what the hell it is for. Do you have any idea. did you find out what it is?

  2. Aleksander R. Rødner

    I never did find out, but then, I wasn’t all that interested in finding out the why, I knew the how, and I stopped that readily enough so…

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