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Creating a coherent Twitter thread

I have recently gotten back into using Twitter, after having left it as little more than a channel through which I promote the posts on this blog for a fairly long time. In the past, when I have had something on my mind taking more than 140 (well, 280 now) characters to say, I’ve simply written a tweet, then replying to it and replying, in turn, to the reply until I’m done.

While that approach does work, I recently found out that Twitter (at some unknown point in the past) implemented a thread feature, where you can write the entire thread, publishing it all as one coherent whole. This makes tagging each tweet with tweet number and total far easier, and it makes creating and copyediting a coherent thread a lot easier.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Log in to Twitter
  2. Start writing a tweet
  3. Click the plus sign to the left of the “Tweet” button
  4. Rince and repeat until the thread is complete
  5. Click “Tweet all”

Here’s an example of how that might look:

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