Educate yourself on phishing today!

Email has long been a vector for more or less targeted attacks such as virus attacks, phishing, and spearphising. In my years of working in IT, I have seen a number of examples of this, including one which in effect took down most of the fileshare in a corporate environment for as much as a week while we were restoring from backup.

Google, through their Jigsaw initiative, has created a Phishing Quiz which both tests your knowledge, and teaches you what to be on the lookout for when it comes to Phishing. Regardless of whether you work in IT or not, these are skills which are quickly becoming key, and I recommend that you go through it.

I have taken this test, and undergone similar training, many times. The last time I took it (while writing this post), I got a perfect score. The key, in the words of Alastor Moody, is…

Image of a man with a fake eye strapped over his face. Caption reads "Constant vigilance!"

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