Disabling the “New programs installed” alert

I have a habit of trying out a lot of different software, most of which need to be installed. Windows XP has a practical function, which is also at times very, very annoying. It highlights recently installed software. Let me show you what it’s all about. When I open the start-menu, I have this thing glaring out at me:

New programs installed

When I actually open the All Programs menu, an entry is highlighted, like so:

Folder and program highlighted

Granted, this can be a preactical function, but when it malfunctions, like it does for me, as in highlights programs which have been installed, and run, ages ago.

Turns out, this is pretty simple to remedy. Here’s how:

    • Right-click the Startmenu, and select “Properties”
    • Click “Customize”

Start Menu Properties

    • Open the advanced tab
    • Deselect the “Highlight newly installed programs” option

Highlighting deselected

Once you’ve done this, your start-menu will be looking nice and shiny, much like this:

No annoying highlighting!





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