Move OneNote notebook to OneDrive

Back in 2019, I wrote about how I was moving to OneNote for all of my notetaking needs, a decision I have yet to regret. I have a few notebooks, set up for different purposes; one which is my rants, ramblings, recipes, and diverse writings of many kinds, one for my job (which makes it easy both to find the information I’m looking for, and to delete it when I change employers), and I recently created one to keep and maintain the documentation I’ve assembled over the years for my Union local.

Two of the reasons that I switched were cross-platform compatibility and cloud syncing, which means that my OneNote notebooks are available to me on most of the devices I use on a regular basis. Cloud syncing, of course, is dependent on the Notebook in question being set up to sync to OneDrive – which one of mine wasn’t. As a result I lacked access to a lot of relatively important background information while at a conference.

While I did without for that conference, that state of affairs was clearly not one I could accept going forward, and so I moved the Notebook to my OneDrive. Here’s how you go about doing that:

  1. Open the Notebook in question
  2. Go to File > Share
  3. Pick a location for your notebook (or select Pick a Place)
  4. Sign into your OneDrive account
  5. Select Move Notebook

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