Mac: Lock your computer

There are a number of security best practices out there. The most basic include password-protecting your devices and limiting administrative privileges. Password protection is only effective when your device is locked. While I’ve mostly been a Windows user at work, at home I tend to prefer a Mac.

I recently reworked my home office so that I could use my Mac with my large external monitor, and that introduced a new wrinkle; I no longer opened the screen, and had thus lost my default method of locking it (i.e. by closing the screen again). Here are some other methods you can use to lock your Mac:

Arguably the simplest option – other than closing the monitor – is using the keyboard shortcut Command+Control+Q. If you find yourself not remembering that, you can always go to the Apple menue, and click Lock Screen:

Another option is to set up a hot corner to lock the screen. Open System Settings, go to Desktop & Dock, scroll down to Hot Corners (at the bottom), and select Lock Screen for one of the corners:






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