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Category: Opinion

2020 roundup

Another year is (almost) ready for the history books, and as has become my tradition, I’m writing my annual end-of-the-year retrospective. There’s no doubt that this has been a very challenging year. March saw me sent to the home office, and though I returned to the office in May, working from home has become far closer to the norm. This was beneficial when we were ordered back to the home office in mid-November.

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Creating a safe working environment through information sharing

In my job, I use a number of collaboration tools. From email and instant messaging to browser-based collaboration platforms, they help me get information, generate information, and share information. My ambition is that the vast majority of questions any of my colleagues may have about the peculiarities of our customer-facing systems. Our documentation systems are open – at least to reading – by default. This way, anyone can look up information on any system.

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Do you 10Q?

Two years ago, an acquaintance posted about 10Q. Simply put, once you’ve registered, the site sends you a question per day over the course of ten days. At the end of the period, your answers are locked in the vault, and inaccessible for a whole year. A year later, your vault is unlocked, and you are presented with another question per day for ten days.

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Job search: Red flags

Having been part of the work force for a long time now, I have also interviewed with a number of companies. Sometimes I have completely ignored what were, in hindsight, relatively obvious red flags, while at oher times identifying such red flags has helped me avoid jobs that wouldn’t have been a good fit for me. Here, then, is an overview of some of these:

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