GMail notifier displays emails in someone elses inbox

Like a few of my previous posts, today’s post is a direct result of my girlfriend using my computer. After she’d been using it to check her email and so on, I noticed that, even though my account was logged into GMail notifier, or even if it wasn’t logged in at all, it’d notify me of email that patently belonged in her inbox, and indeed was not existent in my inbox.
I was puzzled. I use Firefox as my default web browser, and so does my girlfriend, usually. Turns out she hadn’t been the day in question, instead she’d been using Internet Explorer.
Luckily, this is a simple problem to resolve, and here’s how:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Go to Tools > Internet Options
  3. Click Delete files

It turns out that GMail Notifier ties into Internet Explorer, using cookies.






2 responses to “GMail notifier displays emails in someone elses inbox”

  1. Steve

    Thanks for the info, this problem just happened to me also. I'll go delete the cookies in IE7. What a pain…is there any way to prevent this? I see a Sites button on the Privacy page in Internet Options, but I can't think of how to tell Gmail Notifier not to use cookies with IE7. Perhaps an email to the Notifier development team is in order.

  2. Iki

    Yes, thank you so much, this has been driving me batty all day long!

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