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  • Remove the Edge tab button from Internet Explorer

    Microsoft seems to have decided to phase out Internet Explorer, and replace it with Microsoft Edge. This has resulted in an option to open new tabs in Edge, rather than Internet Explorer, presumably on the assumption that if people just spend more time with Edge, they will find that it is the better option. Regardless […]

  • Inverted colors in Windows Media Player running in Internet Explorer

    A user logged a support ticket, saying that she was having problems playing streaming video in Internet Explorer. According to the ticket, it “doesn’t work”. The user would be away from work, but had left her passwords “in a secure place” (read: under her keyboard)… nbsp; I went to her computer, logged on, and tested […]

  • Unable to uninstall Internet Explorer 8

    The next version of Microsofts Internet Explorer is currently in public beta. Many of the beta testers are reporting that they are unable to uninstall the beta. The reason? They are running Windows XP SP3.   Now, you can still uninstall IE8, it just takes a little more time, and effort. The first step to […]

  • A glance at different outlooks

    Following monday’s post a colleague of mine sent me the below picture. Although I’ll grant you it is oversimplifying things more than a bit, it still has a vein of truth in it, not to mention the fact that it is more than slightly amusing…

  • Citrix: "ICA File not found" Error fix

    When accessing applications through Citrix Web Interface, users sometimes get the following error message:   Having researched many possible solutions, the fix I’ve found is this:   1: Open Internet Explorer 2: Click Tools > Internet Options 3: On the General tab, click the Delete Files button 4: Restart the browser   The cause seems […]

  • Branding Internet Explorer

    Like me, you’ve probably been using the internet for a while, and may have noticed that sometimes Internet Explorer has a “provided by”-tag, looking something like this: