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Review: Polar H10

I’ve written previously about my use of my Apple Watch to track fitness. This summer, I bought the Polar H10 chest strap wanting to add another, and more accurate, metric to the metrics already being recorded by my Apple Watch. The hope was that I could leave my phone at home altogether, and simply take my Apple Watch for a ride or run, preferably recording with Strava.

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Review: Apple Watch Series 6

Back in 2018, I reviewed my Apple Watch Series 3. Three years post-purchase, everything I wrote in that review still holds true; the series 3 has served me well on a daily basis since I bought it, with very little in the way of issues, and a full day of usable battery power between charges – though use of GPS or exercise apps tends to drain the battery more quickly.

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Unlock Apple Watch with iPhone

I’ve had an Apple Watch for some time now, and am a very happy user. Being fairly security and privacy conscious, I immediately set it up with a pin code, meaning that it locks when I take it off, and prompts me for a pin code when I try to access it. This is a very nice feature, and one which I haven’t really seen too much of, due to another feature which unlocks the Apple Watch when unlocking your iPhone. It was either on by default, or I set it up when setting up the Apple Watch. Either way, if you want to change this setting one way or another, here’s how:

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