Review: Polar H10

I’ve written previously about my use of my Apple Watch to track fitness. This summer, I bought the Polar H10 chest strap wanting to add another, and more accurate, metric to the metrics already being recorded by my Apple Watch. The hope was that I could leave my phone at home altogether, and simply take my Apple Watch for a ride or run, preferably recording with Strava.

While the Polar H10 can serve many purposes, this is not one of them. I have found it to be no more accurate than my Apple Watch, while having the singular disadvantage that not only does it not support Apple Watch, there is also no companion app for the Watch, meaning that any activity recordings I do while wearing the H10 has to be initiated from my phone.

The result is a heart rate monitor that – at best – confirms the measurements I’m already getting from my Apple Watch, while not interfacing with the Watch meaning that I have to grab my phone if I want to see how far I’ve gone. If your activity measurement is based around your phone, or if you use a compatible watch to track it, the H10 should serve you very well indeed. For me, however, using it annoys me to the point of my not wanting to use it.





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