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  • The status for eBooks post the iPad-announcement

    Note: Eirik Newth is a Norwegian writer and lecturer, who blogs interestingly and well about, among other things, eBooks. Here’s his take on the iPad and its impact on the eBook market. The original article (in Norwegian) can be found here.

  • Why the iPad is a bad idea for consumers

    In my last post, I covered why I am not going to get the iPad. Those reasons were my reasons, based on my needs and wants. I’m not expecting everyone to have the same needs and wants as me, so here are a few more reasons not to spring for it.

  • Innocent until proven guilty – or so I’ve always learned.

    The miscarriages of justice made possible by the two acronyms I loathe the most (RIAA, MPAA) just keeps piling on it seems. First it was the lawsuits against dead people and infants. RIAA recently announced their decision to stop pressing these lawsuits.   Later on there was the suggestion of three strikes legislation to fight […]