Innocent until proven guilty – or so I’ve always learned.

The miscarriages of justice made possible by the two acronyms I loathe the most (RIAA, MPAA) just keeps piling on it seems. First it was the lawsuits against dead people and infants. RIAA recently announced their decision to stop pressing these lawsuits.
Later on there was the suggestion of three strikes legislation to fight piracy – first accusation gained you a warning, the second meant your bandwidth would get strangled, and with the third accusation you’d lose your net connection altogether.
Most recently, I learned that New Zealand are planning an even stricter law: upon the first accusation, you are immediately assumed guilty, and your connection is cut.
Now, I believe very strongly in the principle of the accused being assumed innocent until proven otherwise. For an assembly of elected officials to even think of proposing a law like this should be anathema, never mind actually really looking to put it into legislation.
You can think whatever you will of piracy, filesharing and so on, this is just wrong.





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