Why the iPad is a bad idea for consumers

In my last post, I covered why I am not going to get the iPad. Those reasons were my reasons, based on my needs and wants. I’m not expecting everyone to have the same needs and wants as me, so here are a few more reasons not to spring for it.

  1. No free software
    • Now, keep in mind, this is “free” as in “freedom”; not as in “beer”. By disallowing users to install apps other than from the app store, even though users might not have to pay money for their apps, they don’t have any actual freedom as to choice of applications.
  2. No installing apps from the Web
    • This goes to the above point; lack of freedom means users aren’t allowed their basic consumer right of decision as to how, and for what, they use their devices.
  3. No sharing music or books
    • Again, lack of freedom. When I download a book to use on my ebook reader, provided the licence allows for it, I can share it with more or less as many people I want. Same thing goes for music.
  4. Apple can remotely disable your apps & media

Now, I am pretty certain I will not go for the iPad, for the reasons detailed in this, as well as in my previous post. If you still want to, be my guest. My goal here isn’t to kill Apple, who I think are doing a lot of exciting things. My goal here is for as many people as possible to know the drawbacks of this specific device.

Note: These reasons are taken from Defective by Design’s campaign as well as the article about it at Ars Technica.

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