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  • Top 15 Excel shortcuts

    As I’ve described elsewhere, I use Excel a fair amount. To this end, keyboard shortcuts are very useful. Here are some I find to be very useful:

  • #TBT: Windows keyboard shortcuts

    This post originally ran in April 2008. I am reposting it now, as part of my throwback thursday project, to give some of my older quality posts some love. Many of these, I still use daily, and yet others I had completely forgotten about. Useful stuff, though. Yes, even that last one. If you’ve ever had an […]

  • Windows keyboard shortcuts

    Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to see the desktop of your computer quickly? Or maybe you wanted to open the Windows Task Manager quickly? You might have needed to see how much RAM your computer has installed, wanted to get Windows Explorer open, or even the Run-dialog box without needing […]