Top 15 Excel shortcuts

As I’ve described elsewhere, I use Excel a fair amount. To this end, keyboard shortcuts are very useful. Here are some I find to be very useful:

  • Alt and =
    • Sum up a column
  • Ctrl and +
    • Insert a cell
  • Select a row/column and enter Ctrl and +
    • Insert a row/column above
  • Ctrl and -
    • Remove a cell
  • Select a row/colum and enter Ctrl and -
    • Remove a row/column
  • Select a cell and enter Ctrl and Space
    • Select column
  • Select a cell and enter Shift and Space
    • Select row
  • Alt and Enter
    • Line break in a cell
  • Ctrl and Page Up/Down
    • Move right and left between worksheets in a workbook
  • Shift and F2
    • Insert a note
  • Alt and down arrow
    • Shows previously entered values as a dropdown list
  • Ctrl and `
    • Toggles between showing results and showing formulas
  • Ctrl and T
    • Converts selected data into an Excel Table
  • Alt and F1
    • Automatically creates a bar chart from the selected data
  • Select an array of cells and hit Ctrl and Enter
    • Copies and pastes the data in the active cell to the other cells



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